Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Sale


All orders are subject to acceptance by Gammalux Lighting Systems main office. Orders cannot be cancelled without written consent from Gammalux and then only on terms which indemnify us against loss. All cancelled orders are subject to a minimum 30% cancellation fee. Orders for custom made equipment may not be cancelled.  Additional fees may be imposed for increased production, handling or shipping costs due to special or unforeseen circumstances.

Job-specific drawings are submitted for approval for all fixture orders prior to release. Should the customer request an amendment to the original scope of work beyond the 2nd drawing revision, Gammalux may impose an increase of up to 10% of the order for administrative costs incurred, per additional revisions.

Sales orders over $5,000.00 are entitled to terms of 1% 10 days, net 30 days. Cash discounts are premium for prompt payment and are not granted unless earned. Agent/Parts orders are not entitled to any discount allowances.

All payments must be submitted in check form in U.S.D. Partial up-front payment, or pre-payment in full, may be required from new customers or others at Gammalux discretion.

No other deductions will be allowed without written approval from Gammalux Lighting Systems main office. Unauthorized deductions taken will be billed back to the customer. Non‐payment of unauthorized deductions will affect credit terms on subsequent orders. Prices and shipments exclude lamps unless otherwise agreed to in writing. Orders willcarry a firm price for (6) months from the date of the order acknowledgement unless otherwise agreed to by Gammalux in writing. Written quotations are good only if accepted within (30) days.  

Minimum order ‐ Parts $150.00                          Minimum order ‐ Fixtures $1500.00

All shipments are Freight On Board from our shipping point and all goods are shipped at Purchaser's risk. Title to merchandise passes to Purchaser and Gammalux responsibility for safe and timely delivery ceases when merchandise is accepted in good order by the carrier.

Freight is allowed on all shipments of $5,000 value or more at standard DN price to any freight station in the continental United States. Additional fees may apply for non-standard freight requests. For shipments outside the continental U.S., freight allowance will be made to any port of embarkation within the continental United States. For orders below $5,000 final invoice will reflect actual shipping costs which may vary from estimates.

Under most circumstances, products are not returnable. In rare cases, products may be returned to Gammalux Lighting Systems but will require a Return Goods Authorization to be issued by Gammalux in advance. Requests for RGA must be made in writing within (90) days from date of shipment. Return freight must be paid by Purchaser and restocking of 30% of the invoiced unit value will be assessed. Products returned for defects in manufacture or Gammalux error in shipment will be accepted at full credit including inbound & outbound freight.


All electrical components in standard Gammalux lighting fixtures are UL listed unless specifically indicated to the contrary.

Gammalux Lighting Systems warrants products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of shipment from the factory. Gammalux accepts no responsibility for component compatibility or functionality with control systems or devices beyond confirmation that all luminaires are functional in on/off capabilities prior to shipping.  Failures or unacceptable performance due to incompatibility with control systems, incorrect wiring or error by others are not covered.  Warranty replacement of components specified by others and not included in standard product offering must be referred to the manufacturer of that component.

Should potential defects be identified during the warranty period Gammalux may, at its sole discretion, choose to have the product inspected, send replacement parts or new products, or arrange for repair of the product. No payment for work performed is authorized without written confirmation from Gammalux.

This warranty applies only to products in their first installation, which have been installed by a licensed electrician in conditions and environment consistent with the product’s designed intent and have not been modified from their original construction.  THIS CONSTITUTES GAMMALUX LIGHTING SYSTEMS' ONLY WARRANTY IN CONNECTION WITH THIS SALE AND IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, WRITTEN OR ORAL. THERE ARE NO IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ALL PARTICULAR PURPOSES THAT APPLY TO THIS SALE.