Ovalux (GO-GD)

Ovalux (GO-GD)

The Ovalux series is comprised of luminaires in a variety of sizes and configurations. The 3 5/8" deep and the 2 1/4" deep "mini-ovalux" suspended series are available in indirect, direct, and bidirectional distribution configurations.

The performance leaders are the bi-directional "BW" luminaires, which have wide spread uplight illumination complemented by precisely controlled downlight through a parabolic blade baffle. In the 3 5/8" deep GO13BW luminaire, the 1 and 2-T8 versions are RP-1 (IESNA recommended practices for office lighting) preferred compliant. The 3-T8 version meets RP-1 minimum requirements. In the 2 1/4" deep GO72BW luminaire, the 1 and 2-T5 luminaires are RP-1 preferred compliant. These luminaires provide optimum lighting for office environments as well as classroom environments at affordable prices.

The versatile GO13A and GO13B luminaires are available with 1, 2 or 3-T8 lamps and a variety of top and bottom shieldings. The 3 5/8" suspended Ovalux is available in 8" and 10" widths. The wall mounted companion is 9" wide and can accommodate up to 2 T8 lamps. LED lamping is also available.

The 2 1/8" deep Ovalux is available in 9", 7" and 5 1/2" widths, with wall mount companions in the same widths.

Suspended Ovalux Luminaires are available in single piece lengths up to 20' long to save time and money on installation. The luminaires can be made into patterns by using sweep elbow, Tee and X type pattern connectors.

All Ovalux luminaires are subjected to Gammalux's strict quality control program that includes 100% product testing.

The Ovalux series of luminaires come with our best-in-the-industry quality finish. They are available in all of our standard high-gloss and semi-gloss finishes, or can be finished to match any custom color when we are provided with a color chip.