Patricia Beatty School


Patricia Beatty School

Riverside, CA:

Engineer: DCGA Engineers Ontario, CA
Photography Credit: Eagle-Eye-Images Photography

Imagine using suspended bi-directional light fixtures with only six points of suspension and just three junction boxes to light an entire classroom! Not only would you be providing superior indirect lighting but the labor savings would be incredible. That’s exactly what we did, by supplying three 24’ housings for each classroom to the Patricia Beatty School in Riverside, CA. We built one seamless 24’ housing and suspended it with only two cables. By minimizing junction boxes and suspension points, the labor was far less than for any other type of product installation providing the same volume and evenness of light, and the ceiling line is much cleaner with only six cables per classroom.

The classroom fixture closest to the projector screen is wired on a separate circuit to minimize glare for A/V presentation mode. Additional cost savings are created with occupancy and daylight harvesting sensors either in the ceiling or built into the fixtures. This was a great use of our Quadrilux product in general Classrooms, Occupational Therapy room, Computer Lab and the Library.