Perimeter Series (GP)

Perimeter Series (GP)

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With the Perimeter Series Gammalux introduces the concept of Total Architectural Integration. A patented wall mounting component allows the fixture's reflector assembly to dive directly into the wall, eliminating the unsightly gap found between the wall and back of most competitor fixtures. That, along with an optional mud flange at the ceiling line, creates a completely seamless installation; an industry first in recessed perimeter lighting!

In addition to Total Architectural Integration, the Perimeter Series offers multiple distribution options: wall grazing to drive light straight down the wall, ambient lighting to bounce light off the top of the wall and back into the space, and several combinations of both. An optional lamp barrier keeps the lamp from being seen in a mirror's reflection and assists the fixture in directing light exactly where you want it. T8, T5 and LED lamping is available.

The offer of two types of staggered lamp arrangements, coupled with multiple distribution options means you have dozens of photometric packages from which to choose, allowing you to dial in the exact performance that's right for your job. Fixtures can be ordered in standard lengths with a telescoping ender to accommodate variances in run lengths as a space is being built or they can be ordered in exact lengths to match the as-built wall dimensions on the job, creating a perfect, factory-engineered illumination package across the length of the wall.

Total Architectural Integration, multiple illumination choices and the ability to create perfectly even illumination across the wall means the Perimeter Series has something for everyone.