Softglow (GA-GAP-GDP)

Softglow (GA/GAP/GDP)

The Softglow series of luminaires provides superior indirect lighting with a small amount of downlight, filtered through ultra-fine perforations in the luminaire body. This minimizes contrast between the luminaire and the illuminated ceiling above.

Gammalux softglow luminaires are of nearly 100% aluminum construction, including the perforated panels. This means that even after many years of service, there is no possibility of rust developing in the perforations.

High performance aluminum reflectors deliver wide indirect distribution for even ceiling illumination.

Suspended luminaires are available in single pieces up to 20' long with only 2 hanging points. With 2 sizes to choose from, there is a suitable softglow luminaire for any application. The larger 3 1/4" deep series can accommodate up to 4-T8 lamps in the 12 1/2" wide suspended model. The 8" wide wall mounted companion softglow can accommodate up to 2-T8 lamps in an asymmetric configuration.

The smaller softglow series is built around the 8" wide 2 3/4" deep suspended model that can accommodate up to 3-T8 lamps as well as 3-T5HO lamps for a mammoth 15,000 lumens per 4' of luminaire! The wall mounted companion of the small softglow is an ADA compliant 4 inches wide. With a single T5HO lamp, this unit delivers a great asymmetric light pattern for illuminating corridors, or even private offices, without harsh ceiling brightness.

Suspended Softglow luminaires can be made into patterns. All Softglow luminaires are subjected to Gammalux's strict quality control program that includes 100% product testing.

The Softglow series of luminaires comes with our best-in-the-industry quality finish. They are available in all of our standard high-gloss and semi-gloss finishes, or can be finished to match any custom color when we are provided with a color chip.